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From artists to authors to activists, The Movement Magazine is about who is doing what, where, when and how to move the planet forward. if there is a message to be brought, The Movement Magazine will bring it to you. 


As its Editor-in-Chief, Egypt has assembled a stellar team of journalists and technicians that deliver productions with impact.  She utilizes her many talents to deliver exceptional content and to increase The Movement Magazine’s reach. 


From civil rights rallies to entertainment red carpets, The Movement Magazine follows the flow of real life as it happens and gives it to people who want to keep up with what’s really going on.


Founder/Editor in Chief of


Also - Founder/Creator of 

CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER (CXO) Chief Experience Officer for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (The Executive responsible for the overall experience of GMGB products and services) as well as the (COO) Chief Operating Officer for JAM Network streaming multi-media platform.


Audrey Egypt Young has a business acumen that is stellar in and of itself. She’s a servant leader with a unique ability to bring the team concept to corporate projects as well. Everybody who works with her has experienced seeing the best of their strengths come out them. She’s comfortable creating and developing concepts that are both revolutionary and life changing. Her marketing skill coupled with her branding ideas sparks excitement and faith to build, create and explore beyond limited thinking.


Audrey Egypt Young, will challenge, inspire and drive you to be your highest self, but it doesn’t stop there. As you read more about her, you will soon learn how she masters everything given her.

Ms. Young aka Egypt is no novice to the entertainment industry. Early in her career she was

signed to A&M Records as a rap artist/song writer. Also, she was on the Billboard chart topping 100 singles. She shared the stage with some of the world’s most prolific talents such as: Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Wyclef Jean, Faith Evans, Usher, The Wu Tang Clan, Naughty by Nature just to name a few.

A former Board member of the Newark International Film Festival (NIFF) for the past (3) years and now instrumental in sponsoring upcoming film festivals with JAM Network such as The Asian and Latino Film Festival in NYC. Ms. Young is presently being booked for panels discussing new content creators, distribution and filmmaking for GMGB and JAM Networks.

Ms. Young is the Founder “Editor and Chief” for the online publication, “The Movement

Magazine REMIXED.” which has interviewed some of the likes of A list celebrities such Sean Puff Daddy Combs, Kelly Roland, Shaquille O’Neal, Singer Tyrese, CEO of TV One Cathy Hughes, actress Naturi Naughton and other entertainers, authors, activist, entrepreneurs and everyday people who desire to share an inspiring story.

Ms. Young has created a new publication specifically for (GMGB) Global EQUALITY

Magazine. Emphasizing on Equal play, equal play everything man/woman across the board.   Individuals that are making strives in equality in their daily lives. Global EQUALITY Magazine will not only address EQUALITY in sports, but also: Civil Equality, Political Equality, Social Equality, Natural Equality & Economic Equality.

Ms. Young also created JAM Network TV Guide which is an online publication that showcases the legendary classic films and all of our content creators new projects. This TV Guide has our featured programming Dates and Times for our viewers convenience keeping them up on whats new on JAM Network and GMGB Network.

Additionally, eBlackBook Listings was created by Audrey Egypt Young as well, this seasoned entrepreneur that is very interested in channeling the Urban dollar by allowing a platform for all African American business owners that have products that can be available to everyone but targeted towards our African American communities. As the Millennial Black Wallstreet in Publication Form, we set out to bringing our communities back together by supporting one another. This is NOT separation but the support of inclusion for our African American Business Owners. WE must first learn to support our own and acquire success, then we can support others. Log onto: for more info and to submit your incredible Brand, Product or Service for FREE!!!


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