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With GMGB's New President There's "No Limit"

On August 3, a hot summer day in New York City in Times Square, the GMGB (Global Mixed Gender Basketball) League brought the heat even more with the announcement of its newest president Percy Miller aka Master P. Miller's business moves are catching the attention of people world-wide in both Entertainment and Sports. During his press conference he explained his role as the newly named president of the GMGB League, and expressed his love for the game of basketball even more. The announcement of some professional women athletes joining in on this new adventure probably raised a few eyebrows, but the enthusiasm that this league promotes of bringing together both gifted male and female athletes on one court is clear and evident that they are ready for lift-off and once launched will skyrocket to bigger heights. Mr. Miller is infamous for giving back and being an inspirational figure to many communities and that is what people admire most about him.

In his speech he discussed being able to give an opportunity to those who for some reason or another couldn’t or didn’t quite meet the cut often called or known as the "Underdogs". If you follow or research his career path you will learn that if anybody knows what it's like to be an "Underdog" it is Master P himself. Because of his resilience and perseverance he overcame many odds that were stacked up against him especially growing up in the Calliope Housing Projects in New Orleans, LA. Although he became a very huge Hip-Hop star he also had the opportunity to play in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for teams such as the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Hornets. The love for basketball ran deep in Master P's DNA and even rubbed off on his sons who became top tier basketball players as well.

He had his own reality show where cameras followed him and his AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team "P Miller Ballers" around during the AAU National Tournament Circuit. Master P's passion for the game can never be questioned. I remember being accompanied by my dad who is a streetball legend himself known to many as “Moe Black” watching Master P play at Holcombe Rucker Park in Harlem. The tournaments at the Rucker is one of the most legendary summer leagues in the world, and for me to see him play there was so amazing especially considering he was one of the biggest names in the rap game at the time. For him to take time out of his busy schedule to come to New York to participate in a summer league game not only made his fans happy but showed how humble and down to earth he really is.

When Master P was announced as President of the GMGB League I said to myself "Who better than him!!” In my opinion he's one of the top five music moguls of all time , and I think anything with his name on it can turn into gold. He ties in great business savvy mixed with genuine love and passion for anything that he is involved or committed to The same admiration and respect I have for Master P at the age of twenty three is no different than when I was nine years old and I'm most certain that the same impact will touch the lives of others as well. The GMGB League has the perfect president on board and will be coming to a city near you soon so be on the “look out” for their arrival. Just make sure when you see Master P and the history making mixed gender teams roll through that you give a loud ovation and an even louder "Hoody Hoooo"…

This article is written by: Fredric "Moses of Media" Bowers


Photo by: Eric "Vegg" Sullivan


We will continue to support young new talent. This article is a testament of hard work and perseverance. I love it when I see families doing things together, because his mother "Fredricka Milstrey" was at the conference with Fredric and she seemed very encouraging towards her son and spoke very highly of his skills. As a mother, I understand when you have a talented child with very little opportunities. I pray that you have a very successful career and I will continue to follow your movements because YOU will succeed.

- Audrey Egypt Young, Founder/Editor in Chief of The Movement Magazine REMIXED and the National Media Director for GMGB

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