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Tameka Tiny Harris Making BOSS Moves as the NEW Owner of the "Atlanta Heirs" Professional

The Movement Magazine REMIXED is the premier magazine for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League. The Movement Magazine REMIXED were proud to be at the professional basketball tryouts for Tiny's new team. The excitement was electric in the building. Men and Women came out to fight for their position on Tiny's Atlanta Heirs Team.

The Platinum singer/songwriter posted on her Instagram page that she is a proud owner of her new team The ATLANTA HEIRS.

"Proud to be the first female owner of a co-ed professional basketball league," Tiny said. "Thx to everyone in this picture for helping me make this monumental boss move!! I'm excited to share this with the world and more so with my city #atlanta. I'm officially the owner of, "The Atlanta Heirs "!!"



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